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 CEO Designer

Tae Wan Kim
   Kim Tae-wan

Joined Modern Architects Office

Haeundae Left-dong Detached Shopping Mall Architectural Design

Haeundae U-dong Commercial House Architectural Design

Haeundae Banyeo-dong Banyeo Market Community Center Remodeling

Change of use of houses and commercial buildings and design of major repairs

Joined Durirang Architects Office

Supervision of rural houses in Hwasan-ri, Seosaeng, Ulju

Sejong Sejongno Church Design and Supervision

Design of multiple residential and commercial areas

Joined Nouveau Design

Centum Leaders Mark Office Remodeling

Myeongji-dong commercial house design

Ulsan Okdong neighborhood living facility design

Design of a country house in Sirangri, Gijang

Yangsan Green Green Fruit Store Space Dajiin

Seomyeon Best Fitness  center space design

Hwamyeong-dong Aberal Life Pt Shop Space Design

architectural design

interior design


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