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About SFACE  


- Moto MOTTO


The moment we meet,

When we come into contact with the space, thinking about the moment we encounter it,

Considering the consideration and direction of the space, we want to create a 'place' in which your feelings to be together in that space permeate.

It creates a visual sense of space, the temperature of the space, the sound of the space, the smell of the space, the taste of the space, and the atmosphere that comes out of the space.

We create a space that shares our lives.



- Greetings



This is Taewan Kim, the representative of Design Space.

Design Space is a new company and starts with a major in architectural design.

We want to grow the brand in the process of creating a space and the shape of the design we think about.

As we are at the footing of the process of creating a new company, we will present and create a new paradigm.

thank you.


 CEO Designer

Tae Wan Kim
   Kim Tae-wan

Joined Modern Architects Office

Haeundae Left-dong Detached Shopping Mall Architectural Design

Haeundae U-dong Commercial House Architectural Design

Haeundae Banyeo-dong Banyeo Market Community Center Remodeling

Change of use of houses and commercial buildings and design of major repairs

Joined Durirang Architects Office

Supervision of rural houses in Hwasan-ri, Seosaeng, Ulju

Sejong Sejongno Church Design and Supervision

Design of multiple residential and commercial areas

Joined Nouveau Design

Centum Leaders Mark Office Remodeling

Myeongji-dong commercial house design

Ulsan Okdong neighborhood living facility design

Design of a country house in Sirangri, Gijang

Yangsan Green Green Fruit Store Space Dajiin

Seomyeon Best Fitness  center space design

Hwamyeong-dong Aberal Life Pt Shop Space Design

architectural design

interior design


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